From Design to Assembly: How Full-Service Vessel Fabrication Enables Enhanced Corrosion Resistance for Chemical Applications


Chemical applications are hard on process equipment. Vessels and piping are constantly battling corrosion, abrasion, and different forms of operational wear — all of which can lead to damage and premature structural failure.

Vessel liners are one method of providing corrosion resistance. Once engineers decide that they need a new process vessel with a protective lining, often they request two proposals — one for fabrication and one for lining. However, they may not be aware that some suppliers can both fabricate and line.

In this white paper, the experts at RMB Products discuss:

  • The advantages of using a full-service supplier for fabrication and lining, including:
    • A reduced risk of communication errors
    • Lower freight and handling costs
    • A proper design
    • Transaction cost control
  • RMB’s full-service approach to chemical vessel fabrication

Download this white paper to learn more about the benefits of RMB’s full-service vessel fabrication in chemical applications.

Download the White Paper