White Paper: Tips, Tricks, and Traps in Corrosion Protection Lining Technology


Every process engineer faced with choosing the best corrosion protection approach for their fluid handling systems must answer the classic engineering question: How do I balance cost with performance? Stopping production to repair or replace piping or process equipment that has failed due to corrosion is expensive.

As any experienced engineer knows, the direct costs of maintenance, labor, and replacement parts can easily be eclipsed by those associated with downtime. In most applications, the initial cost of the selected corrosion protection technology represents less than half of its lifetime cost for the facility.

So how does the process engineering team determine which type of corrosion control technology will be most effective? In this white paper, the experts at RMB Products discuss:

  • Methods of corrosion protection
  • Engineering checklist for corrosion protection
  • Tricks and traps of corrosion protection
  • Risks and rewards of corrosion protection systems

Download this white paper to learn more about how to choose the best corrosion control technology for your application.

Download the White Paper