White Paper: A Better Alternative to Fusion Bonded Epoxy for Corrosion Protection


Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings have been a widely used method of corrosion prevention for pipeline fittings in oil and gas, chemical processing, and other harsh environment industries since the 1960s. Although a popular choice, FBE has limitations.

Newer technologies and materials developed over the last twenty years offer many compelling improvements compared with the FBE materials of the past. For example, rotolining offers many distinct advantages over FBE coatings.

In this white paper, experts from RMB Products discuss how rotolining:

  • Provides a more durable, longer-lasting solution for pipelines
  • Is proven effective in hundreds of the most demanding applications and service environments around the world
  • Molds a permanently bonded liner to the inside diameter of a pipe or to the working surfaces inside of a pipe fitting
  • Has chemical and mechanical properties that provide a variety of performance enhancements, which can’t be matched by FBE coatings

Download this white paper to learn more about the advantages of rotolining and how to protect your application from corrosion.

Download the White Paper